COVID-19 Updates – Inperson Services

How Church has Changed

Dear Brothers and Sisters of FPC, It is a joy to say that we will be back in the building very soon. On Sunday, March 15, 2020 when I recognized that I indeed had a fever and didn’t know if it was COVID related I cancelled worship. A little over a week later I was fever free and ready to resume my duties. This early brush with the virus made me very vigilant in how to keep our members safe while continuing as many ministries and mission aspects of FPC life as possible.

I am proud to say that we have done well through this virus time though it has been one of our greatest challenges so far. We have listened to our doctors, scientists and politicians as we gleaned their knowledge and discerned our path. We have nurtured the members of the congregation through email and US Mail communications and phone conversations. We have provided authentic timely worship from our sanctuary and parking lot and have mailed a transcript to the congregation so they can also worship if they couldn’t attend online. We continued our Adult Bible Studies and Family Nights on Zoom. Our Session and Deacons Boards and Finance and Property committees continued to lead through online communication and make sure our financials, building and people were being well cared for.

Now as we continued our process back to inside activity at FPC on July 11th-12th, we began working diligently to sanitize our space and set up a cleaning regimen to ensure all are safe and protected. When you return you will find disinfecting and sanitizing stations at the glass door entry and the dining room as well as sanitizer available throughout the building. You will also find disinfectant spray in the bathrooms for seats, door handles, faucets, etc. Surfaces are being disinfected regularly as people move through and leave the building.

In worship spaces we will be giving you to have your own “assigned” or “chosen” seat hopefully at or close to your preferred seating. You may continue to sit in your “family groups.” Family groups are people you are normally around.

Our singers will be located in the choir loft and on the chancel. Singers and pastoral staff will make sure when we vocalize without a mask during worship, we will be 30 feet from the congregation. However, congregants are asked to mask in worship and maintain physical distance.

(If you have medical conditions that affect masking, just let us know. No worries.) Attendance will be kept but pew pads and offering places will not be passed.

Further, initially all food when served will be outside. Outside is safer. We seek to bring you an atmosphere of love and comfort when you are at the church and together, we can have a successful restart.

Please remember if you are concerned about paper bulletins, please print yours at home or bring it in on your favorite electronic device. We have also purchased some prepackaged communion elements, so all feel comfortable receiving. However, you can continue to bring your own on communion Sundays.

As always, we have been praying for you and our community. May this time of return be one where we stay focused on the goal for healthy worshippers giving thanks to God for all God continues to do in our lives.

Many blessings upon you all.

See you on July 11-12, 2020 in Church!

Rev. Laura C. Kelsey